In Customer Success: Context. Is. Everything.

14f6086 In Customer Success: Context. Is. Everything.Mention Customer Success for SaaS companies, and the discussion almost always goes to usage data.

And it makes sense; as a SaaS vendor you (should) have amazing visibility into your users’ and customers’ actual use of your product.

In fact, it is this level of visibility that the vendor has into the user and customer-behavior that made the SaaS business model really attractive to me back in the day.

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5 Hacks to Help Explainer Videos Convert Customers

1 300x204 5 Hacks to Help Explainer Videos Convert CustomersBecause I was recently asked, here are my 5 rules for effectively using Explainer Videos in your marketing:

1. Know your AudienceWho’s your Ideal Customer? WIIFT (What’s In It For Them) is the key… emotional connection is the goal… don’t just make a video about your features. Feature-specific videos, demos, etc. come later, after you’ve hook ‘em with emotion. Yep… even in B2B.

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SaaS Free Trials: 3 Reasons for Gaming the System


I hear complaints about people "gaming the system" or otherwise abusing SaaS Free Trials all the time. They're signing-up with alternative email address to get more time in the trial, they're sharing logins to keep from exceeding the number of … [Continue reading]

It Starts with Lower-Case “customer success”


The other day during a Clarity call, a CEO of a SaaS company asked me something that I've never been asked before: "What's your philosophy around SaaS?" I wasn't sure what he was looking for exactly, but I had an immediate, gut-level response: … [Continue reading]

Unlocking the Power of Reciprocity: Gift vs. Reward


The findings on the psychological Principles of Persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini have had a massive impact on my life, not only as a marketer, growth hacker, and entrepreneur... but on my life in general. One of these powerful principles of … [Continue reading]

The Side Effects of Growing Average Revenue per Customer

Growing your Average Revenue per Customer (ARPC) over time should definitely be the goal of any Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Subscription business (any business, probably). That said, generating more revenue and higher margins aren’t the only … [Continue reading]

Average Success per Customer?

In a very interesting discussion about SaaS Metrics — specifically Average Revenue Per Customer -because I’m all about Customer Success, the notion of an “Average Success per Customer” was floated by Joseph Bentzel on Growthackers. Well, we already … [Continue reading]

The “Wow Moment” is about your Customer

In the early stages of on-boarding your new customer, getting them to that “Wow!” moment — or getting quick “wins” — is great and should be your goal. But I’ve seen some vendors take this “Wow!” moment idea the wrong way. … [Continue reading]

Your Product is a Means to an End

Your product is a means to an end, and that end is “success” for your customer. And that “end” changes across the lifecycle of a customer. What “success” looks like during the trial (and even at various parts of the trial) differs from success … [Continue reading]

No, Your Problem isn’t Product / Market Fit

When a company fails to gain traction these days, you inevitably hear something about not reaching Product / Market Fit. Before you accuse me of semantic nitpicking — and I’m not above that — just know that this time, it’s deeper than that. When … [Continue reading]


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