Incentivized Customer Development is a Bad Idea

custdevWhen you’re starting the Customer Development phase for your startup (idea), the question of whether or not you should provide some type of incentive to people to get them to talk to you often comes up.

You shouldn’t. Here’s why.

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The Power of Risk Reversal

money-back-guaranteeDo you stand behind your product?

If someone asked for their money back would you give it to them?

Then why not use that as part of your promotion? This is part of what is referred to as “Risk Reversal” and can go a long way toward helping your prospect make the decision to become your customer.

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Book Giveaway Distribution Mindmap

Book Giveaway Distribution Brainstorm Mindmap - small

Back in the summer of 2014 I did a book giveaway using the KingSumo Giveaways plugin created by Noah Kagan and his army of awesomeness at the Sumo Brands. Tons of people have asked me to share the results… and I will. But this post is about the … [Continue reading]

The Rapid Evolution of Customer Success


If you're at a conference and there are two tracks - one for Customer Success and one for Marketing - my suggestion is to go to the Customer Success track. Here's why... … [Continue reading]

First Become Effective, Then Become Efficient


If you’re trying to eek out efficiencies in a in-effective process, you’re wasting your time. … [Continue reading]

How to Use Psychology to Cut in Line at the Airport

Holidays Travelers Crowd U.S. Airports

On my last trip home from San Francisco, I was standing in the longer-than-usual security line at SFO, patiently waiting my turn, when I heard a lady asking people if she could cut in line “because she’s going to miss her flight.” As she moved … [Continue reading]

In Customer Success: Context. Is. Everything.


Mention Customer Success for SaaS companies, and the discussion almost always goes to usage data. And it makes sense; as a SaaS vendor you (should) have amazing visibility into your users’ and customers’ actual use of your product. In fact, it … [Continue reading]

5 Hacks to Help Explainer Videos Convert Customers


Because I was recently asked, here are my 5 rules for effectively using Explainer Videos in your marketing: 1. Know your Audience - Who's your Ideal Customer? WIIFT (What's In It For Them) is the key... emotional connection is the goal... don't … [Continue reading]

SaaS Free Trials: 3 Reasons for Gaming the System


I hear complaints about people "gaming the system" or otherwise abusing SaaS Free Trials all the time. They're signing-up with alternative email address to get more time in the trial, they're sharing logins to keep from exceeding the number of … [Continue reading]

It Starts with Lower-Case “customer success”


The other day during a Clarity call, a CEO of a SaaS company asked me something that I've never been asked before: "What's your philosophy around SaaS?" I wasn't sure what he was looking for exactly, but I had an immediate, gut-level response: … [Continue reading]