Customer Success: The Definitive Guide – Major Updates for 2017

I’ve added over 20 articles to my Definitive Guide to Customer Success for 2017, covering:

  • Customer Success-driven Growth
  • Customer Success Management & Organizational Alignment
  • Churn

The Customer Success book

Customer Success BookI authored a book for Wiley called “Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue” and it’s getting some great reviews, which is awesome.

While I’m constantly updating things on my Sixteen Ventures site – including this rapidly evolving definitive guide to Customer Success – that book offers a strong foundation for what Customer Success is, where it started, and how we got to where we are.

#FlipMyFunnel Austin Keynote Recap

In this week’s edition of Flippin’ Funnels, we’re featuring Lincoln Murphy, Growth Architect at Sixteen Ventures and one of our ABM University professors. Lincoln delivered an intriguing speech on “Take the Power Back” at our #FlipMyFunnel B2B … [Continue reading]

Success Vector – The Logical Evolution of Customer Health Score

Customer Success is a Growth Engine. Investing in Customer Success-driven Growth is an efficient way to drive revenue and company valuation, and we need a metric that is designed to measure that growth. Introducing, Success Vector. Customer Health … [Continue reading]

You Only Get Paid When Your Customers Succeed

What would you do differently if you only got paid if a customer succeeds? Over the years I’ve seen business coaches, gurus, and experts ask different versions of this question, always in the form of a thought experiment. But I’m here to tell you … [Continue reading]

The Acute Pain of Closing Bad-fit Customers

“If you have to close bad-fit customers to make your quota, you’re a hustler, a closer… some might even say you’re a good salesperson. But you know what you won’t be?… Working here much longer!” When I heard the Sales VP say that to her sales org … [Continue reading]

[Podcast] Customer Success with Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy’s focus is customer success. He’s currently the growth architect at Winning by Design, where he creates blueprints and playbooks for customer success managers and leaders. In the past, he founded Sixteen Ventures and led customer … [Continue reading]

[Video] Blending Your Customer Success and Advocacy Strategies

Customer success isn’t about saving your customers from drowning. It’s about making sure they don’t fall into the water in the first place. In his 2016 Advocamp Amp Talk, Lincoln Murphy, former Customer Success Evangelist at Gainsight, explains how … [Continue reading]

[Video] Sales Master Class: Customer Success Driven Growth

Morgan Mackles: I'm really excited about this subject and about having Lincoln here. Lincoln is a former executive at Gainsight, which is a company that a lot of us in the room are familiar with. He moved on to become a highly successful consultant … [Continue reading]

Churn is a Symptom, Not a Disease

Churn is when customers cancel their account, don’t renew their contract, or remain your customer but pay you less; the latter is referred to as “revenue churn” and includes discounts, down sells, etc. Now, many companies find out about Customer … [Continue reading]

Visualizing the Importance of Customer Success

Today, many executives still focus their company’s time, energy, money, and prominent resources primarily on the initial sale, as if that’s all that matters. However what we found is that this maniacal focus on “closing deals” is resulting in a … [Continue reading]