I've heard from CSMs, Enablement, and Ops people that they don't need ChatGPT because they use an AI writer or Email assistant like Jasper, Copy, Lavender, or something built into their CRM, Engagement, or CS tool.

In this new post, I tell you what I've told them about the difference between those AI tools and ChatGPT... and why understanding this really matters.

TL;DR - "AI" software just sends prompts to GPT via API and you can write better prompts yourself directly in ChatGPT.

Use our Prompt Engineering course to help you do that, faster.


BTW: Remember, in Customer Success, content creation is just one use case for generative AI.

While our Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course covers standard generative AI use cases like email writing and content creation, I believe ChatGPT will have a truly transformative impact on the daily lives of CS pros through:

  • More effectively preparing for meetings
  • Brainstorming objections, goals, etc.
  • Customer Language analysis
  • Data transformation

And so much more.

Whether you buy our course or not, please don't ignore the impact that ChatGPT can have on you, your team, and your customers.

Lincoln Murphy

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