A podcast listener asked, "How can CSMs effectively drive product adoption and engagement for solutions that address necessary, but unattractive tasks without resorting to things like scare tactics?"

I love these types of questions that push us to explore unconventional yet impactful strategies in Customer Success Management.

That's why in this week's episode of Impact Weekly, I dive deep into the art of motivating customers towards necessary action, exploring topics like:

  • The significance of involving the execution team early in the process
  • The calming influence of a well-laid plan that acknowledges the individuals doing the work
  • The crucial shift of seeing 'difficult conversations' as just essential dialogue

And so much more!

Listen to the podcast here.

It's just me on the pod this week... Johan is on a much-needed and well-deserved break. I hope you'll still listen... I tried my best.


BTW: Our Annual Customer Success survey closes on 1-Sept and I really need your expertise and experience to answer questions like:

  • How fulfilled do you feel in your role in Customer Success?
  • Do you think the leadership of your company practices what they preach when it comes to Customer Success?
  • Do you/your team have the necessary capacity to make your customers successful?
  • How much do you use GenAI (like ChatGPT) in your day-to-day job in Customer Success today?

So we put together this survey on Typeform to help fill in those - and other - gaps in the collective understanding of the CS community.

While the information we're collecting is super-important - and of course we'll share it with you and the community when we're done collecting it - the survey itself will only take a few minutes to complete.

Please share your experience with the community here.

Thanks in advance!


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