This should help your metrics (why it's not)

published3 months ago
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The goal of any business should be to get customers to stay longer, increase their spend over that extended lifetime, and get customers to advocate for them along the way.

Customer Success Management is the most efficient way to ensure that happens consistently and efficiently.

One amazing tool that's come along recently that can help with all of that is ChatGPT.

But I'm seeing a lot of people - in general, but especially in Customer Success - hit a wall with ChatGPT. It was cool. Magical even.

And then the excitement quickly faded as the results were just not that great.

Everyone I've talked to that had that experience - without exception - was looking at ChatGPT all wrong.

Once we fixed their view of it, the world opened up.

Here's what I shared with them.

That post may be the most important one you'll ever read about how ChatGPT works and how to use it in your Customer Success operation. No hype.


BTW: We've massively expanded the section on training ChatGPT in our Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course.

In Customer Success, even more than in Marketing or Sales, training ChatGPT is critical to getting useful output.

You can figure out how to do that on your own, do your own research, or buy our course and save the trial and error.

Whatever option you choose, make sure you understand how to use ChatGPT the right way to unlock its true potential.


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