the secret to Product-led Growth (what?)

published5 months ago
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Product-Led Growth (PLG) is one of the most popular go-to-market motions in SaaS.

Canva. Atlassian. Slack. Calendly. Aha!

Billions in market value and it was just their great product that did it.


No. A great (relative) product is table stakes.

What each of those companies used to drive growth was... email! (yep, even Slack!).

PLG should be called ELG: Email-led Growth!

But, wait. Email isn't cool. No. But you know what is cool? Billions in market value.

For PLG companies, email powers their Free Trial, Sales Assist, Onboarding, Engagement, and Expansion.

Email also powers RevOps, GTM, and Customer Success teams in companies of all types around the world.

And this is why I created my (newly renamed) Email Engagement Formula course.

I didn't make it because I'm trying to get you to think email is cool.

I made it because if you rely on email to drive growth and revenue, you better get it right.


BTW: Email is super-interesting because of how it is structured and how inboxes currently function. We have more opportunity with the subject + preheader to get attention, and some room to engage in the message body.

While the structure is different for Whatsapp, SMS, In-app Chat, LinkedIn messages, etc. so much of what I cover in the Email Engagement Formula course is transferable to other modalities.

But let's face it... email is probably your primary engagement channel. So get it right.


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