Our 2-week Success Plan training and certificate program starts this Monday, August 21, 2023.

This program for CSMs is all about working with customers in that "ongoing" phase of their lifecycle.

As you know, this is the lifecycle phase where momentum is lost, engagement suffers, and customers often operate without direction.

This program fixes that by teaching you:

  • Ongoing Goal Discovery
  • Meeting Prep and Brainstorming
  • How to use Progress Milestones
  • Objection Handling
  • Joint Accountability

And so much more!

Our Impact Academy programs are a combination of on-demand and live sessions via Zoom. Even though this is a "virtual" program, space is limited due to the interactive nature of our live sessions.

Learn more and sign-up here.


BTW: A large percentage of sign-ups for our programs happen at the last minute. So please, if you intend to participate, take immediate action to ensure a spot is available.

Learn more and sign-up here.


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