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published2 months ago
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Each week, millions of people around the world engage with emails I've either written or are based on work I did.

One of my "secrets" is using a powerful Subject Line + Inbox Preview (preheader) combination, but in a very specific way.

That "very specific way" is the secret sauce, but I honestly couldn't actually tell you how I do it. But I wanted to.

So I gave a list of successful subject lines and inbox preview text combos to ChatGPT and had it discover the pattern behind these combinations using GPT-4, and then got it to write the playbook on developing those.

And then I took it a step further and asked ChatGPT to turn that playbook into a prompt, where I could give it a prewritten email and it would generate 10 combinations of subject line + inbox preview combos for me to start testing and iterating from.

It worked! And it's amazing.

That prompt - along with exactly how I developed it through a process called Reverse Prompt Engineering - is now available in the Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course.

If all you get out of this course is that prompt, it's worth at least 100x what you'll pay.

Of course you should explore everything else in the course, too, including these updates:

  1. Confirmed everything is GPT-4 compliant and works even better now
  2. Updated Email Creation prompts for GPT-4; they're even more AWESOME now
  3. Added more Blog Post Ideation, Creation, and Refinement Prompts
  4. Added a prompt to Reverse Engineer a high-ranking blog post
  5. Enhanced some of the research and brainstorming prompts

Buy the Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course and take your customer engagement to the next level.


BTW: This Subject Line + Inbox Preview prompt isn't just a "time-saver" kind of prompt.

It's literally a "SKYROCKET your email engagement rates" prompt.

Whatever type of email you need to improve engagement on - marketing, sales, onboarding, customer engagement, transactional, etc. - this can help.

I'd tell you my engagement rates, but it would just be bragging.

Buy the Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course and take your customer engagement to the next level.

Then you can do the bragging for both of us.


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