Scaling CS without losing control

published25 days ago
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One of our podcast listeners asked,"As my team is growing, I feel like I'm losing touch with them and our customers. Any advice?"

This question cuts right to the heart of a dilemma many of us face when scaling: How do we grow without losing the control that (we think) has made us so effective to begin with?

In this week's episode of Impact Weekly, Johan and I tackle this head-on. We're not just scratching the surface; we're drilling down into the key areas that can make or break your scaling efforts:

  • Cultivating a Sustainable Culture
  • Optimizing Management Metrics
  • Transitioning to a Coaching Role
  • And much more!

👉 Listen to Episode 40 right here.


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And if you say, "that's too far to travel for a CS event, Lincoln" just remember, I'm going there all the way from Texas in the United States.

At the event I'll be giving a keynote as well as running a few workshops, but there are a lot of things going on and a ton of great people to network with, so check out the full agenda to see for yourself.

I truly believe Impact Day isn't just the best CS event in the Nordics; it's the best CS event in the world.

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See you in Stockholm!


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