Objection! (how to break through)

published5 months ago
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Sometimes (quite often) customers get in their own way.

You ask them to do something that will help them achieve their goal and they refuse.

Wait, why? It's for their own good?!?

Luckily, there's a simple and powerful way to break through these customer objections.

Even more lucky? Johan and I introduce this concept - the Objection Breakthrough Formula - in this week's episode of our Impact Weekly podcast that just dropped today.

In this episode we tackle objections in the context of a CSM that's having excessive customer no-shows and reschedules, which generally boils down to:

  • Poor positioning of the CSM in the customers' mind
  • Lack of a well-defined goal discovery process
  • Inability to effectively breakthrough customer objections

Listen to the podcast here.

You know me. I'm humble. But this episode is awesome and you should definitely listen.


BTW: Our next CSM training begins 22-May and is hyper-focused on the Success Plan.

This accelerated, in-depth 2-week program gives you the tools necessary to get your customer on the right path and ensures that's where they remain until they reach their goal.

This course specifically covers:

  • Goal Discovery Framework
  • Brainstorming Framework
  • Progress Milestones
  • Objection Breakthrough Formula
  • Joint Accountability
  • Social Proof

While the training is virtual - a mix of recorded content and live Zoom sessions - it's very interactive and hands-on, so space is necessarily limited.

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