Google Bard vs. ChatGPT (writing emails)

published5 months ago
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Big AI news from Google this week.

Their ChatGPT competitor, Bard, is now available for everyone (or will be soon).

I've been testing the prompts and methods from our Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course in Bard and... it's interesting.

Here's the video of my first impressions of Bard.

In the video I test one of our core email prompts in both Bard and ChatGPT to compare the output.

But because I'm me and can't stay on topic, there's a nice little lesson (rant?) in the middle of the video about email engagement in general.

So even if you're not interested in Prompt Engineering, Bard, or ChatGPT, but you rely on email to engage prospects, customers, or partners, you should still watch this video.

Have a great weekend!

~ Lincoln

BTW: Google also announced at their I/O event that Docs and Gmail will have AI embedded. This AI is called Duet and is more of a "copilot" version of Bard that is always available across their end-user apps.

We don't have access to Duet yet, but that will be a game-changer for sure.

For now, check out how Bard compares to ChatGPT.


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