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Customer Success Fundamentals (new!)

Published 2 months ago • 1 min read

ICYMI, we launched our brand new Impact Academy Customer Success Fundamentals course for 2024.

It's totally free.

Learn more and sign-up here.

If you've been in CS for a while but want a refresher and to get up-to-speed on CS in 2024, or you're just starting out, this course is for you.

And for sure, forward this to your Head of CS and/or your colleagues and friends so they can level-up, too.

Check it out and sign-up here.

~ Lincoln

BTW: Don't let the zero cost price tag fool you... this course is awesome (or I wouldn't have put it out).

We just carved out the common stuff from our Premium Customer Success Management courses and put it in this program.

Lincoln Murphy

I invented Customer Success

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