One of our podcast listeners asked, "As a new head of CS, what should I consider when allocating customers to my CSMs?"

There is A LOT to unpack in that very simple question.

So in this week's episode of Impact Weekly, Johan and I dive deep into customer allocation, specifically talking about:

  • The need for CSMs to feel ownership of their customers
  • The role of capacity planning in preventing CSM burnout
  • The importance of segmenting customers based on their Appropriate Experience (AX)
  • And much more (seriously)

Listen to the podcast episode here.

I also just published a post called AX-Based Coverage Segments: Customer Success Evolved that goes into even more detail on the ideas presented in this episode.


BTW: Our Annual Customer Success survey is still open and I really need your expertise and experience to answer questions like:

  • How fulfilled do you feel in your role in Customer Success?
  • Do you think the leadership of your company practices what they preach when it comes to Customer Success?
  • Do you/your team have the necessary capacity to make your customers successful?
  • How much do you use GenAI (like ChatGPT) in your day-to-day job in Customer Success today?

So we put together this survey on Typeform to help fill in those - and other - gaps in the collective understanding of the CS community.

While the information we're collecting is super-important - and of course we'll share it with you and the community when we're done collecting it - the survey itself will only take a few minutes to complete.

Please share your experience with the community here.

Thanks in advance!


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