One of our podcast listeners asked, "I know Goal Discovery is important, but how often should I update the goals with the customer?"

As any seasoned Customer Success Manager can tell you, staying in sync with your customers' evolving goals is... challenging (to say the least).

That's why in this week's episode of Impact Weekly, Johan and I take a deep dive into the concept of Continuous Goal Alignment - a secret that sets world-class Customer Success teams apart.

In this episode we explore topics like:

  • The psychology of "because"
  • The powerful TEAM Prompts framework
  • Ensuring goal discovery feels natural
  • And so much more!

Oh, the part of the episode about Joint Accountability and how it weaves into continuous goal alignment is a game-changer.

Listen to this week's episode here

Have a great weekend!


BTW: I'm only attending one Customer Success event this year and that's Impact Day in Stockholm, Sweden on 14-Sept.

I hope you can join me there.

And if you say, "that's too far to travel for a CS event, Lincoln" just remember, I'm going there all the way from Texas in the United States.

At the event I'll be giving a keynote as well as running a few workshops, but there are a lot of things going on and a ton of great people to network with, so check out the full agenda to see for yourself.

I truly believe Impact Day isn't just the best CS event in the Nordics; it's the best CS event in the world.

Learn more and get your tickets here.

See you in Stockholm!


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