ChatGPT is a liar (or is it?)

published3 months ago
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If you ask ChatGPT to write a customer case study for you, it will. Like magic.

This prompt: "please write a customer case study for me" instantly generated a 500-word case study with great detail.

It decided the format, made up what my company does, who the customer is, what they do, how they used my product, the results they got, and even pulled some quotes from the customer's team out of thin air.

A magical lying machine.

Or, rather than assuming ChatGPT is a pathological liar, think of what it just did as a demonstration of what it can do.

Imagine what it could do if it had appropriate context and direction.

Well, to get it to generate something actually useful to you, you need to train it.

We just added a whole section on Training ChatGPT for better results in our Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course and it's a game-changer.

ChatGPT is a powerful tool... you just need to know how to use it.


BTW: We're continuing to build out this training program and have added a lot of new prompts, guides, and resources.

Check out the product page, scroll down, and be sure to consume all of the content that's available as a free preview.

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