[ChatGPT Course] easily add training data

published4 months ago
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Training ChatGPT is required to get the output you're looking for.

But training ChatGPT is a pain. You have to manually open, copy, and paste the contents of text files into the chat interface.

So over the weekend I built a browser extension to make training ChatGPT WAY faster.

And I built it using ChatGPT.

I added the ChunkTrainer browser extension (works in Chrome and Edge), plus a video on exactly how I built it, to the Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course.

Have a great week!


BTW: I tried to build this extension in Bard, thinking "Google Chrome. Google Bard. Obviously."

Nope. I gave up after an hour and just going in circles.

Bard is just not very good right now. It will get better, of course.

But for now, ChatGPT GPT-4 is by far the best option.

For now.


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