ChatGPT a required CS skill? (yes, soon)

I believe Prompt Engineering - how you engage with AI like ChatGPT - will be a required skill across all Customer Success roles by the end of 2023.

There. I said it.

So, however you do it - with our course or on your own - learn Prompt Engineering. I can't stress that enough.

Now, if you want to use our Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course, and I'd love it if you did, we just published some super-awesome updates that might be of interest.

I've pasted the details of the updates below.

Have a great weekend.



1. Prompt Structure Doesn't Matter (to ChatGPT)!
I needed to address the way so many "experts" talk about designing prompts and the nonsense they share on LinkedIn and IG... and why they're wrong Oh, and why this is super-important for you to understand.

Using ChatGPT for Commenting on LinkedIn
How to scale your commenting to build your personal brand and engage customers... without sounding like an out-of-touch robot.

The real lesson is how to use Prompt Engineering to find the most unique or compelling aspect of some text and generate a human-sounding response to it.

3. Using ChatGPT to Create a Browser Extension
I walk you through the process I used to get ChatGPT to help me build (and troubleshoot) a Chrome browser extension for my Email Engagement Formula course in less than 2 hours.

There are many different lessons in this, including assigning the AI the role of a Software engineer, having it critique its own output, help with debugging and troubleshooting, and having it generate its own installation guide.

Whether you get our course or do it some other way; learn Prompt Engineering.

For the sake of your career.


Lincoln Murphy

I help SaaS companies Maximize LTV through Customer-centric Upselling

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