Bing AI called me unethical (hurtful)

published7 months ago
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I was so excited to get access to the new Bing AI (Bing with built-in ChatGPT).

The promise of (a supposedly better) ChatGPT + live web search results was very interesting.

Last night I got the nod. I was in.

So I started testing the prompts from our Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course in Bing.

Here are the results so far.

  • Bing called me unethical for asking it to write an email for me
  • It told me it can't generate a blog post because it would be violating the copyrights of other people
  • When I asked it to generate an article outline for me, it said no, and that I should know enough about Customer Success to do that myself

The last one kinda freaked me out. Does it know who I am?

I tested some of the brainstorming and meeting prep prompts in the course and they work in Bing AI. I'm not sure they work better, but they work well.

So my initial take on Bing AI is that the chat aspect is really just an enhanced search engine. It's not a replacement for ChatGPT.

At least not right now.

But I'm thinking the combination will be very powerful; research in Bing AI and use that to generate content in ChatGPT.

I'll keep you posted.


BTW: So Bing allows you to search using natural language and very specific requests - like a type of dinner recipe for a certain number of people with these allergies - and gives you back the search results also using natural language, with excerpts pulled from the linked sources.

This is why, I'm guessing, it said it can't generate content because it would violate copyrights of others; it's only generating the output around the search results, and otherwise pulls content directly from the linked sources. Interesting.

We're working to update the Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course with Bing-specific changes/notes where required.


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