10,001+ ChatGPT prompts! (free)

published7 months ago
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In a push for quantity over quality, I've pulled together a list of resources where you can access over 10k generic ChatGPT prompts for free.

If you're thinking to yourself, "That's too many prompts. How is this even useful?"... you're right.


BTW: After you look through those overwhelming lists of generic prompts and you realize that to leverage ChatGPT fully in your Customer Success organization, you need to be deliberate in your approach, you can buy our Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course.

Our course is Quality over Quantity. The prompts are specific, powerful, tested, and evolving.

They're designed to immediately make your CSMs and Enablement team more effective and efficient.

Plus you learn how to use the prompts, come up with your own prompts, and integrate those into your current CS workflows.

Tap here to learn more about the course.

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