Having Trouble with Marketing? Take a step back…

You know this is true, so I’m just going to come out and say it…. get it out in the open…

It’s HARD to market our own stuff!

Especially if you’ve been around it for any decent amount of time.

Many times, we are just too close to our products or services.

In fact, this is exactly what happened with one of my clients in Australia recently.

As I was helping her understand that she was so close to and focused on her product and not thinking about the customer that she was significantly underpricing her offering… I realized this is something few people talk about.

That process is what prompted me to finally write this post as this is one of the things I run into all the time with my coaching and consulting clients.

It is funny because what I’m about to say doesn’t fit everyone; there are plenty of folks who unfortunately don’t know their markets or value proposition very well at all.

But for many folks, these are facts…

We know our product
We know our market
We know exactly why our stuff works
We know exactly how it works
We know exactly why everyone should use it
We know the problems it solves
We know the symptoms of those problems

And we assume everyone else does, too, so we don’t talk about those things!

WOW! That is a costly assumption, my friend.

We forget that our potential customers DON’T know those things.

We just skip past the part where we examine and introduce them to the symptoms and diagnose the problem, and instead just offer the solution.

We forget that others might not even know they have the problem that our product solves.

Worse, we make the mistake of thinking that others even know the problem they have – the one our product solves – is the reason for their symptoms.

Nope, we skip right to the pitch because we are thinking too far ahead of our customers.

Even if we get them to the same logical conclusion – that our product WILL solve their problems – unless they take that journey themselves, they will not buy our product or service. Period.

That is just human nature, and is especially true – in my experience – where technical or Subject Matter Experts (SME) are involved… especially if they wrote the code or came up with the secret sauce.

When it’s their “baby,” human nature really does kick in.

And we continue to make these mistakes no matter how successful we get, how many times we do this, or even if you’re a marketing expert!

So if you’re struggling with how to market your product or service, take a step back, ensure you’re looking at it from the point of view of your customer…

…and then give me a call so I can help you.

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