The Rapid Evolution of Customer Success

customer-success-evolutionIf you’re at a conference and there are two tracks – one for Customer Success and one for Marketing – my suggestion is to go to the Customer Success track.

Here’s why…

The evolution of knowledge around marketing and customer acquisition is incremental at this stage. Not that you shouldn’t study it, obviously, but the fact is, we’re at a stage in marketing where improvements are incremental.

Take something like Growth Hacking; ultimately, it came about as an attempt to eek out further efficiencies in an already very well understood discipline.

Gimmicks, hacks, tips and tricks are what come about once the baseline has been drawn and agreed upon by everyone.

Customer Success, on the other hand, is undergoing an evolution, exponentially more dramatic than marketing.

Retention, Customer growth – expanded use and the revenue from that – plus customer advocacy – are areas of both rapid gains in understanding, but also where the most rapidly growing companies are focusing and thriving.

My hypothesis, all things being equal (and this is coming from a marketing guy); the results from even a rudimentary Customer Success program – especially one designed to produce and leverage advocates (which admittedly is marketing; it’s all connected anyway) – can significantly outpace the overall results of a well executed, but only incrementally better, marketing plan.

Something to think about for sure.

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