[Podcast] Seek the Desired Outcome First with Lincoln Murphy

The tagline for the Art of Value Show is "discover value, create options and start pricing." Lincoln Murphy calls value the “desired outcome.” In the SaaS world, the desired outcome is not the number of users for your app. The customer does not … [Continue reading]

Land and Expand and Expand and Expand…

Land and Expand is no longer just for companies with internal network effects (like Slack or Box) but is an important sales strategy for even 'enterprise' companies. … [Continue reading]

[Podcast] SaaS expert, Lincoln Murphy, shares his most valuable lessons learned

How it all began with his SaaS consulting business Cloud services and SaaS have formed the basis of my business for the last 10 years. I’ve worked with some traditional software companies and other subscription-based non-software companies or … [Continue reading]

Thriving in a Tightening Economy

This "tightening" was a key theme at two separate events I spoke at recently; one put on by an earlier stage VC and the other put on by a later-stage Private Equity firm for their portfolio companies. Specifically, they were interested in how their … [Continue reading]

The Power Of Customer Success In Driving Advocacy For Your Organization

In today’s subscription-fueled business economy, maintaining strong relationships with your customers is mission-critical. You can no longer close a sale and immediately move to the next. Now is the time to build relationships with your customers … [Continue reading]

When Customers Pay For Features They Don’t Use

Many people clicked over to my recent article titled “The Customer is NOT Always Right” because they thought they were going to disagree with me; turns out, few people disagreed and it’s actually sparked some really interesting conversations. In … [Continue reading]

You Don’t Know Me. Can I Get 30 mins?

Have you ever received an email that, maybe not in so many words, says “You Don’t Know Me. Can I Get 30 mins?” Out of the blue, you get an email from a salesperson, biz dev hustler, or startup founder you’ve never met or even heard of with a … [Continue reading]

Incentivized Customer Development is a Bad Idea

When you're starting the Customer Development phase for your startup (idea), the question of whether or not you should provide some type of incentive to people to get them to talk to you often comes up. You shouldn't. Here's why. … [Continue reading]

The Power of Risk Reversal

Do you stand behind your product? If someone asked for their money back would you give it to them? Then why not use that as part of your promotion? This is part of what is referred to as "Risk Reversal" and can go a long way toward helping your … [Continue reading]

Book Giveaway Distribution Mindmap

Back in the summer of 2014 I did a book giveaway using the KingSumo Giveaways plugin created by Noah Kagan and his army of awesomeness at the Sumo Brands. Tons of people have asked me to share the results… and I will. But this post is about the … [Continue reading]