Customer Success at Storm Ventures

Creating an Efficient Engine of Growth Doing whatever you can, spending whatever you can spend, to acquire any and all customers — whether they’re a good fit long-term or not — is played out. “The days of growth at any cost are over.” — Ryan … [Continue reading]

The Customer Success book

Customer Success Book

I authored a book for Wiley called “Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue” and it’s getting some great reviews, which is awesome. While I’m constantly updating things on my Sixteen Ventures … [Continue reading]

[Podcast] Customer Success & Your Customer’s Desired Outcome

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[Podcast] Everything You Wanted to Know About Customer Success

Today we are talking with Lincoln Murphy from Sixteen Ventures, a website focused on SaaS growth strategies. Lincoln is a customer success magician and growth strategist who feels that his early understanding of growth in the SaaS business model … [Continue reading]

[Podcast] Desired Outcome is the Key to Customer Success

Lincoln Murphy of Winning By Design and Sixteen Ventures was a recent guest on our podcast, B2B Nation: Smarketing Edition.` In the episode, we discussed: How the way companies look at customer success has changed Properly framing customer … [Continue reading]

[Video Interview] 3 Ways to #FlipMyFunnel on Customer Success

Lincoln Murphy is one of the most knowledgeable customer success gurus in the B2B world. He’s helping businesses develop customers into wildly successful advocates through his work at Winning By Design and Sixteen Ventures. As the Customer Success … [Continue reading]

7 Ways Customer Success drives Company Valuation

I’ve been saying for years that Customer Success is transformative; driving exponential value for both the vendor, as well as the customer. In fact, it’s that value growth for the customer that truly drives the value growth for the vendor. What goes … [Continue reading]

Take the Power Back (from your Customers)

Customers have too much power these days. "Take the Power Back" - Rage Against the Machine I recently gave the keynote presentation at the TSIA's huge Technology Services World event in San Diego … [Continue reading]

The Value of Customer Onboarding

Proper onboarding isn't done to prevent churn; it's done to ensure the customer achieves their Desired Outcome. Retention comes from that. I tweeted that as a reaction to hearing someone say "We need to get our customers onboard or they'll churn … [Continue reading]

[Podcast] Mapping the Desired Outcome for Sales Success

(Some of the article is in Portuguese, but the podcast and transcript is in English) Existe um fator vital no sucesso de qualquer operação de Inside Sales: a capacidade do seu vendedor tem de enxergar o que o cliente precisa receber ao comprar seu … [Continue reading]