Sometimes, I feel like I’m in the mafia…

This is a lesson in how NOT to network for success!

On my way to a client meeting in Connecticut, something interesting happened and I have to share this with you.

So, I was going through the security line at DFW when the TSA agent sees my shirt – an old BarCamp t-shirt I got for free years ago (yeah, I travel in style!).

He asks me what a “BarCamp” is – a computer/programming conference – and then asked me what I do.

Now, I must say that I have my pitch down pretty well these days, but I was a bit off my game a bit that day.

Honestly, I was still asleep and just wasn’t prepared to speak with other humans, so I think I said something like “you know how you can use software on the web… I do something with that stuff… oh, businesses. B2B.”


Anyway, after I went through the soul-removing back-scatter-x-ray-gamma-blaster machine (I’m sorry, anything that takes you apart and puts you back together like that has to take a piece of your soul… unless I am somehow misinformed) I made it over to Starbucks to get the coffee I so desperately needed.

As I was starting to wake up, who should come over and talk to me but that TSA agent who asked me about my shirt.

He told me that he wants out of there and is going to start his own business.

“AWESOME!” I thought…

He told me he’s using his position to meet people that can help him build his business.

Wow! Again… AWESOME! Way to go.

So I asked him what he’s up to…

And he says he can’t tell me. Not even the industry.

This is when I start feeling like I’m in the mafia.

He says “I’m doing this thing with this guy…”

Like we’re talking on an insecure line or the feds are watching us (they probably were… this was at the airport, but you get the point).

Honestly though… this is when I wished he would just go away.

I’m not interested in talking to people that won’t share details.. even high-level ones.

Why? Because I only want to talk to people from whom I can steal their ideas? Yes. I mean no. Whoops. 🙂

No. Because I want to talk to people that want to be SUCCESSFUL and aren’t getting in there own way.

I want to talk to people that I can help.

How can I recommend or introduce him to people when I have absolutely NO IDEA what he’s working on… AT ALL?

When I asked him who he’s talked to that told him – point blank – they would pay money for what he’s “building” he said “he knows a guy” (seriously… he said that).

Now he might be successful, but there is a VERY high likelihood of me seeing him at the security gate when I fly out of DFW for the next 10 years.

That won’t be awkward or anything, right?

But wait… why am I being so cruel? Or so pessimistic?

Because he also told me he’s been working on this idea for 3 years!

No wonder… he’s building it in the vacuum of his mind where time has no value and inaction takes over.

He needs to get out of his head, out of his own way, and out of the “office” and go take imperfect action.

Now I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but even though you are out there executing and taking action, I know there is something that you haven’t pulled the trigger on.

Something that you have been sitting on, trying to wait for it to hatch like an egg when it really needs to be cracked open with a hammer.

(that seems violent… sorry… but you get it, right?)

There is something holding you back and keeping you from taking your business to the next level.

Something you haven’t shared with anyone – probably even your customers – even though you believe it will catapult you.

So what is it going to take for you to make that happen?

Are you waiting for an engraved invitation (a less-violent analogy than the hammer and egg thing)?

Newsflash… it ain’t coming.

You need to make it happen.

Remember, tricks, techniques, software, etc. are all valuable and great,

… but none of it matters if YOU DON’T EXECUTE.

And that TSA agent “Entrepreneur…” I’ve already forgotten about him. Shame.

Are you still here? Go Execute!

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