I’m awesome and you’re not…

“I’m awesome and you’re not…” is probably NOT the message you want to send, right?

Then why are you sending that message to your customers?

I see way too many examples of this everyday… “big news about” or “a quick update on” or “news from”… US.

Take a moment and do a quick “us vs. them” analysis on all of your marketing; website, emails, etc.

How much of what you say is about “you” and how much of it is about “them.”

If it isn’t at least 90:10 in their favor you’re doing it wrong.

Do this for any automated marketing / communication pieces you have.

Your newsletters (someday I’ll talk about “newsletters” and why I HATE them).

Do this for anything that goes to your customers or that is directed at them.

A Press Release is always about you… but done right, it brings your customer-centric message along for the ride!

If you are taking your servers down for maintenance, don’t just say that… tell me why this is a GOOD thing for ME.

If you’re closing your shop to go to a conference, don’t tell me you’ll be unavailable… tell me why the conference is going to help you serve ME better.

In fact, if you’re going to be at a conference – especially if you’ll be speaking or on a panel – don’t just tell me that to brag… tell me why that matters to ME.

If you are changing your pricing, make sure you say it’s because you’ve listened to your customers and are doing so in a value-added way.

If you are updating, adding or even removing features tell me why it matters and how it will positively affect ME.

Remember, everything you do is marketing… EVERYTHING… and if you want to win customers over, even in the face of – or in spite of – deep competition – you must put the customer first in your marketing.

People care about themselves and frankly, they probably don’t care about you or your product or service like you think, wish or hope they do.

If you want them to pay attention to you, talk about them.

Speaking of which… I like your shirt.

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