5 Hacks to Help Explainer Videos Convert Customers

1Because I was recently asked, here are my 5 rules for effectively using Explainer Videos in your marketing:

1. Know your AudienceWho’s your Ideal Customer? WIIFT (What’s In It For Them) is the key… emotional connection is the goal… don’t just make a video about your features. Feature-specific videos, demos, etc. come later, after you’ve hook ’em with emotion. Yep… even in B2B.

2. Continue the Narrative – From the point of first-touch to the time they convert (to a customer, sign-up for your Free Trial, etc.), continue the story that hooked ’em in the first place… keep the emotional hook; and the “explainer” video is a great place to do just that.

3. Get ‘em to Watch it! – A great video is meaningless if people don’t watch it. Surround the video with copy and creatives that drive them to view – and engage with – your Explainer Video.

4. Audio or Not? – That is the question. Go back to #1 above… know your audience. If they dwell in a cubicle or open-concept office… audio might not help… and could be a non-starter (i.e. they won’t even watch). Make sure your video does what you want it to do in a way that works for you ideal prospects.

5. Don’t Force a Square Peg into a Round Hole – In #2 above I said continue the narrative… but how do you do that if you have various initial touch points or campaigns, or – as I called them above; narratives – without spending a ton on lots of different videos?

You need to plan ahead and create multiple beginning (hooks), middle, and end sections (w/ appropriate CTA) for your videos. It may seem like extra cost, but it’ll work out much better for you than trying to take your one fully-developed video and forcing it into every situation.

Explainer videos are just one tiny element of a complete marketing strategy – obviously – and I go into a ton of detail on lots of different strategies and tacts around SaaS Marketing, Pricing, Growth Hacking, etc. on my Sixteen Ventures site.

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