First Become Effective, Then Become Efficient

effective-effecientIf you’re trying to eek out efficiencies in a in-effective process, you’re wasting your time.

Look, if you have a technology background, you’ll definitely have that visceral desire to jump straight to automating workflows; but you shouldn’t. Yet.

But if you do, you’ll just end up re-engineering what you’ve automated when you realize it doesn’t work and there’s a better way.

Far too often we want to make processes efficient long before they are effective, often in the name of “scaling” your business. Things like:

  • Automating lead sourcing without knowing what leads to be sourcing (and which sources are best)
  • Automating Customer Onboarding before knowing what works best for our customers
  • Doing Conversion Rate Optimization when starting from a terrible (or unknown) baseline
  • Ramping sales when a repeatable process hasn’t been established
  • Basically, automating processes before you know the actual processes work!

This idea of becoming effective first, is one of the things Paul Graham was talking about in his “do things that don’t scale” piece.

If you want to save time, money, and resources in the long run, before you seek to become efficient, become effective first.

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