Do you have any limes?


A quick lesson in creating an effective Call to Action or headline.

So I went to a restaurant for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

I told the waiter that I’d just have water to drink, but it came with lemon.

I don’t like lemon in my water… it tastes like some sort of cleaning agent. (Thanks Pledge!)

So I asked the waiter if they had any limes.

He said “yes”…

And then he brought my food.

And then he brought my check.

And then I left.

Well, the food was great, even if the service was off a bit.

So on the way home we were discussing the lime issue.

I was reminded that I asked a question and I got an answer.

I asked if they had limes.

The waiter – either being rude or just otherwise oblivious – simply answered my question.

“Yes, we have limes.”

And he moved along to the next task.

Well last night we were in that same part of town, and as I said, the food was amazing.

So we went back.

This time when I said I’d just have water, I didn’t ask if they have limes… I said:

“Can I get some limes, please?”

And guess what?

A little plate with what amounted to a whole lime was quickly brought to my table.

I was able to have fresh lime with every refill of my water glass the entire evening.

All because I asked a more clear question with an actionable response.

On your website, in your marketing materials, etc. are you asking potential customers if they have limes, or if they’ll get you a lime?

Do they have a problem or are they ready to fix that problem with your product right now?

Some food for thought…

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