Book Giveaway Distribution Mindmap

book-giveaway-landing-page-imageBack in the summer of 2014 I did a book giveaway using the KingSumo Giveaways plugin created by Noah Kagan and his army of awesomeness at the Sumo Brands.

Tons of people have asked me to share the results… and I will. But this post is about the distribution plan I came up with.

I came up with a great (high-level, brainstormed) plan to get distribution for this contest. Here’s a mind map I did, which is a great way to sit down and brain dump all the possibilities.

Then you take this and make an actual plan, but it might be helpful to see what this looks like:

Book Giveaway Distribution Brainstorm Mindmap - small

Look close… you might be on there.

As you can see, I was going to try some novel new distribution channels, etc. and ultimately… I did very little outside of Twitter.

The giveaway fell at a very busy time for me, complete with a ton of (relatively unplanned) travel and it got neglected. Sure, I’d hack on it – doing some things to the plugin, emailing those who signed-up, and other things I’ll share later – but I didn’t do the things necessary to get the distribution I could have.

The reality is, this giveaway was a fun way to get rid of 66 physical, paper books while growing my email list a bit.

And let me be clear; that ended-up being 85lbs of books.

This was a chance to experiment with a giveaway and have some fun… and give the books to someone that was willing to at least enter a contest online. Luckily, they went to someone who really appreciated them.

And honestly, because I was giving away books I already owned, I didn’t think I had any options for partnering.

But someone on Twitter brought up a bookshelf and I thought – you know, that would have made an interesting partnership… and now I’m thinking about other things that would have worked well AND increased distribution to the partner’s audience. Oh well.

Anyway, I hope you dig the mind map. And soon I’ll post the results in full transparent fashion… but I thought this was a good start.

BTW, in response to my giveaway, everyone (even those I didn’t ask) said “that’s too many books to give away at one time” – which I’ll cover in a later post – but I have to say that Noah was the only one who added “but you won’t know unless you test it.”

And that’s why Noah rules and was, frankly, the only one who was right. Test it.

Well, was the giveaway successful? I’ll tell you later, but just to whet your appetite this resulted in a cost per email address of $0.57.

Good or bad? Hmmm…

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