The “Wow Moment” is about your Customer

wow-momentIn the early stages of on-boarding your new customer, getting them to that “Wow!” moment — or getting quick “wins” — is great and should be your goal.

But I’ve seen some vendors take this “Wow!” moment idea the wrong way.

Make sure the “Wow!” moment you get them to quickly isn’t ego-based (“Look at this cool thing we did!”), but is a customer-centric “Wow!” that leads to quick success (or quickly getting them on the path to success).

Make sure it isn’t just something cool that makes them say “Look at that cool thing they did…” followed-by “but what do I do with it?” or “but how does this help me [achieve the result I’m trying to achieve].”

I go into a lot more detail on different strategies and tactics around SaaS Marketing, Pricing, Growth Hacking, etc. on my Sixteen Ventures site.

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